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Tea & Chocolate Pairings

What could make the pleasure of eating chocolate better? Well, drinking tea with it of course! There is a tea for ever kind of chocolate and here are some suggested pairings to enhance your chocolate eating experience.   MILK CHOCOLATE Let’s start with milk chocolate, you can’t go past a robust black tea such as Tea […]

5 Best Tea Tips

Making the perfect cup of tea is not a complex affair, you are halfway there if you get your water temperature and brew times right. The rest comes down the quality of the tea you use and the purity of the water in your kettle. 1 – Fresh Water. For the best cup of tea […]

Ayurvedic tea weight loss remedy

When I worked as a herbalist, at an exclusive spa resort in Malaysia, one that was frequented by royalty and was a favourite haunt for the opera singer Pavarotti, I made friends with a fellow practitioner Dr Kumar. He was an authentic Ayurvedic doctor from India who came from a long line of doctors with […]

A Tea Blender’s Favourite Tea

I am often asked as a tea blender what is my favourite tea to drink? My favourite tea is not singular I have a short list of teas that are always being brewed at home depending on my mood or the weather.

Rapadura Sugar

Rapadura Sugar is a wholefood and it is certainly the good sugar! It is the least refined form of cane sugar with a good nutritional profile and because of its low processing it retains a high mineral and vitamin content.

How to brew the perfect chai tea

There a few ways to brew chai tea, here I talk about the different methods and what might suit the time you have and equipment you have in your kitchen. The perfect chai latte is not far away!

Home – A baking tradition

About the origins of The Tea Cake Company, I wrote this piece for a local magazine back in the Grampians region of Victoria. Take a look at the story about of why I bake and a nice coincidence about where The Tea Cake Company first took roots.