Tea & Chocolate Pairings

What could make the pleasure of eating chocolate better? Well, drinking tea with it of course! There is a tea for ever kind of chocolate and here are some suggested pairings to enhance your chocolate eating experience.



Let’s start with milk chocolate, you can’t go past a robust black tea such as Tea Cake Co’s Tea Blender’s Breakfast. Another great match for milk chocolate is Matcha Genmai Cha, both these tea compliment milk chocolates creamy, sweet depths.


If you are like me and love to indulge in an intense dark chocolate experience, then pair your 50-70% cocao choclate with a Black Dragon Oolong. This oolong’s frangrant honey notes work so well to enhance the flavour of your favourite dark chocolate.


Again Matcha Genmai Cha is a lovely match with chocolate and it’s grassy notes are a particularly nice contrast for the intense creamy sweetness of white chocolate. With the same idea of contrast in mind a full flavoured chai, such as Monsoon Wedding or Chai Society, have enough spice to break through white chocolate.


Not all is lost! You can get back on a virtuous health track with our detox herbal blend Detox Your Day.

Feeling a little full of choclate? Our tummy taming, gut health herbal blend Happiness Is Good Digestion will soothe and restore.


Happy Tea & Chocolate Pairing!

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