5 Best Tea Tips

Making the perfect cup of tea is not a complex affair, you are halfway there if you get your water temperature and brew times right. The rest comes down the quality of the tea you use and the purity of the water in your kettle.
1 – Fresh Water.
For the best cup of tea use pure filtered water fresh in your kettle. Do not re-boil water as this lowers the oxygen content and changes the taste of your brew.
Want to get the brew temperature right for green and white tea? Here is a great brewing tip! To achieve 80 degrees Celsius for white tea- boil water in your kettle to 100 degrees C -then pour into another vessel, and and follow by pouring into your teapot or cup. Every time you pour water from one container to another you loose 10 degrees C.  So for instance Sencha green tea you would pour 3 times to achieve 70 degrees C. EASY
2 – Brew over and over again.
Did you know that you can brew with you tea leaves more than once? For teas such as Oolong and green teas the second brew brings forth different tasting qualities and added health benefits. With each successive brew the caffeine content drops significantly too.
 3 – Grow your garden with tea leaves.
Scatter used tea leaves around your garden plants, this adds extra nutrient to the soil. Your plants will love you for it.

Tea leaf composting

 4 – Easy brew equipment.
How to make chai tea in our bamboo & glass tea infuser.
1. Remove infuser from bottle and place 2 tsp of our loose leaf chai blend( Monsoon Wedding or Chai Society) plus sweetner of your choice.
2. Half fill bottle with boiling water, seal lid and allow to steep for 10 mins.
3. Add heated milk, seal lid and give a gentle shake. ENJOY your freshly brewed chai.
5 – Scold the pot
No, don’t tell off you tea pot! Pour some hot water from your boiled kettle into your empty tea pot or tea cup to warm it up ready for your brew. Discard the water before adding your tea leaves.


Happy Tea Drinking!
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