Ayurvedic tea weight loss remedy

When I worked as a herbalist, at an exclusive spa resort in Malaysia, one that was frequented by royalty and was a favourite haunt for the opera singer Pavarotti, I made friends with a fellow practitioner Dr Kumar. He was an authentic Ayurvedic doctor from India who came from a long line of doctors with family knowledge passed down.
One day when a few of us ladies were complaining about our expanding waistlines with all the great food on offer at the resort, Dr Kumar offered a simple piece of advice. Simply drink black tea, with a squeeze of lemon juice each morning. I recommend Tea Blender’s Breakfast for this purpose.

ayurvedic tea for weightloss

How does this simple tea remedy assist with weight loss?
A brief explanation as to why and how this may work is, that tea is by it’s nature a mild diuretic, so it helps shift excess fluid. Black tea also helps balance blood sugar so you are less likely to crave sweets, it’s antioxidants assist with boosting the metabolism for fat burning.

ayurvedic weightloss

Why Lemon?
Lemon has a detoxifying action and therefore can stimulate weight loss but more importantly it has a synergistic effect with tea boosting the availability of antioxidants by action of it’s vitamin C.  Adequate levels of Vitamin C is known to improve fat oxidisation by up to 30% during exercise, (livestrong.com)
If your trying to reduce your caffeine intake, then simply use green tea instead with a squeeze of lemon juice. Try Sencha Green Australian grown green tea.
Happy Tea Drinking!
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