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5 Best Tea Tips

Making the perfect cup of tea is not a complex affair, you are halfway there if you get your water temperature and brew times right. The rest comes down the quality of the tea you use and the purity of the water in your kettle. 1 – Fresh Water. For the best cup of tea […]

Ayurvedic tea weight loss remedy

When I worked as a herbalist, at an exclusive spa resort in Malaysia, one that was frequented by royalty and was a favourite haunt for the opera singer Pavarotti, I made friends with a fellow practitioner Dr Kumar. He was an authentic Ayurvedic doctor from India who came from a long line of doctors with […]

Tea Latte – a milky brew

The tea latte is a beautiful thing! It is the tea drinkers answer to a caffe latte, and the go to hot beverage when you feel like a milky brew. The best tea latte, just like the best cup of regular tea, is that brewed from loose leaf tea rather than from tea bags syrups or […]

The Not So Nice Tea Bag

Loose leaf is best There are a few reasons that I chose not to go down the path of conventional tea bags with my tea range but the main motivation for me is quality.  Quality comes from the best tea you can afford to put in your cup and quality also comes from leaving out […]

Digestive Herbal Teas

An increasing awareness is emerging about gut health and it’s integrity being essential for our overall wellbeing and health. Two of our herbal blends been formulated to assist digestive health using Chinese Medicine principals.

A Tea Blender’s Favourite Tea

I am often asked as a tea blender what is my favourite tea to drink? My favourite tea is not singular I have a short list of teas that are always being brewed at home depending on my mood or the weather.