Tea Latte – a milky brew


The tea latte is a beautiful thing! It is the tea drinkers answer to a caffe latte, and the go to hot beverage when you feel like a milky brew. The best tea latte, just like the best cup of regular tea, is that brewed from loose leaf tea rather than from tea bags syrups or powders.

Probably the best known tea latte is the Chai latte which has gained almost main stream status in cafe culture, with it’s origins from the traditional milky spiced chai found all over India at street food stalls.   Another famous tea latte is the London Fog also known as a Vanilla Tea Misto or Earl Grey Latte is composed of an earl grey tea base with added vanilla and steamed milk. The provenance of this tea latte is not so clear with claims that it was first was created in Canada.

Which teas are best for tea latte?

Generally a tea latte is made with a black tea base,  however there are a few exceptions of course,  such a those made with matcha tea powder and Rooibos.  Here are our picks from The Tea Cake Company tea collection:

High Tea -earl grey blend – this blend makes an exceptional version of a London Fog, there is no need to add vanilla syrup as this blend is already organic vanilla infused.

English Breakfast– this malt like biscuity brew is perfect when made into a tea latte with a strong tasting honey such a leather wood, Manuka, or rainforest honey. Using Manuka honey is fantastic way to accessing some extra health giving benefits.

Monsoon Wedding and Chai Society spice tea blends – make the most divine tasting chai lattes.  Some tips on crafting the perfect chai latte click here.

Matcha Genmai Cha a green tea blend with roasted brown rice sprinkled through with matcha green tea powder can also make a satisfying tea latte.  This blend will be available from The Tea Cake Company very soon!

imageHow to make a Tea Cake Co London Fog


1. brew 1-2 tsp of High Tea blend with 100 degree C water for 3-4 mins.

2. Steam milk of your choice, non dairy milks such as soy milk and nut milks work nicely too.

3. Add steamed milk to brewed tea an add sweetener to taste, we recommend coconut sugar.

There is no need to add vanilla syrup as High Tea has the highest quality organic vanilla already in the blend.

Enjoy a tea latte!








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