How to brew the perfect chai tea

Chai Tea is a wonderful exotic spicy milky journey in a cup, it is my favourite winter drink and I love it iced in summer also.  If you have only ever tried a chai latte at a cafe where they use those insipid, sugary, flavoured chai syrups, then you haven’t really had a chai!  I implore you to brew a real chai, you’ll never regret it. Here I have some chai brewing methods both simple and complex depending on your time, all methods yield a worthy cup of chai.

Plunger Method

This is a simple and effective way to make a beautifully brewed chai tea.

1. Simply use a standard coffee plunger, place 1-2 teaspoons of Monsoon Wedding  or Chai Society per cup  and half fill with boiling water.  Allow the tea to brew for at least 5-8 mins.

2.Whilst the tea is brewing heat some milk, either steam using a coffee machine attachment or place milk in a pan on the stove over medium heat.

3.When the tea has brewed for the allotted time add the milk and allow to stand for a further 3-5mins for the flavours to infuse.

4.Plunge the tea and serve, sweeten as you desire, I like to use honey or coconut sugar.

Stove Top Method

Brewing Chai on the stove top is the more traditional, slow food type of way to brew chai.  This method takes time but the reward is a richly brewed cup of chai with all the nuances of the spices singing out.

1. Place 3 teaspoons of Chai Society or Monsoon Wedding in a saucepan and add 300 mls of filtered water and allow to come to the boil, simmer for 5 mins.

2. Add 200 ml of milk of your choice (eg cows or goats milk, soy milk, almond or cashew milk.) Allow milk to heat through for 2 mins.

3. Strain tea into cup. Enjoy!

Thermo Cooker Method

I have a thermo cooker at home, and I know a few of my readers do also.  This method is hands off so very easy!

1. Place 3 heaped teaspoons of Monsoon Wedding or Chai Society into Thermo jug with 300ml of filtered water.  Set 100 degrees for 5 min.

2. Add 200ml of milk of your choice (eg. Cow, goat, almond, soy) set 80 degrees for 5 min.

3. Strain tea and enjoy.

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