Tea and Cheese Pairings – the perfect match

Did you know that tea and wine are quite similar? You can pair tea with your favourite cheeses and enchance the flavour experience of both. Tea and cheese pairings open up a big beautiful world of gourmet delight. Yes, you can pair tea with cheese just like a good wine is paired with it’s food partners. If you match a tea and cheese well, the reward is an offering of complex and well balanced flavours.


tea and cheese pairings

Tea and Tannin

So what do tea and wine have in common? Tannins.

Tannins are a naturally occurring substance in grapes and the Camellia Sinesis plant which is the plant where all tea originates, (with the exception of herbal blends which are technically not teas instead they are infusions or tisanes.)

Tannins are what give tea and wine their colour, they are responsible for bringing depth of flavour and complexity to tea and wine in the form of astringency and tartness.

The level of tannins in tea varies according to the tea type and how it is processed, black teas are the richest in tannins whereas green and white teas have a much smaller amount.


Perfect Matches

So here are a few of Tea Cake Co. teas with their perfect cheese partners.

  1. Our High Tea blend which is a floral and vanilla earl grey   loves to be paired with sharp salty cheeses like Gorganzola or an aged white cheddar.

  2. Sencha Green with it’s low tannins is happy to be beside soft creamy cheeses such as ricotta, mascarpone, chevre. It’s fresh vegetal qualities can round off the sharpness of hard cheeses like manchego.

  3. The pale essence and subtly of  White Peony meshes well with goats cheeses, washed rind cheeses and blue cheese.

  4. Tea Blender’s Breakfast a blend of Ceylon and Darjeeling black teas  has a high tannin robustness best suited to the nutty cheeses such as Edam, Gouda, Comte and Gruyere. (for best effect refrain from adding milk to your tea.)

So get out the cheese board and boil the kettle, Tea and cheese perfection awaits.

Use this handy guide below for basic tea and cheese pairings.

Tea and cheese pariings


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