A Tea Blender’s Favourite Tea

I am often asked as a tea blender what is my favourite tea to drink? This seems to happen when I have new friends visit who are invited to have a cuppa and are given an overwhelming choice of varieties of tea, they go for the default of what their host would like to drink.  My favourite tea is not singular I have a short list of teas that are always being brewed, sometimes one is favoured over the other because of the weather or the mood I’m in or my general state of health. So here is my short list of favourite teas.


Detox Your Day

My perennial favourite is most definitely Detox Your Day herbal blend, it features most of the year as my daily morning tea.  I like to have this tea in the morning for it’s cleansing properties and because it has a slightly uplifting effect with it’s pepperminty flavour.  Right now during the heat of summer  I brew a pot in the morning and pop some in the fridge sweetened with a little rapadura sugar, that way I can enjoy it as an iced tea with lunch.


 Chai Society

During the wintery cold months of the year, which are not so cold now I that I live in Far North Queensland, I love to have a warm cup of chai.  My favourite is Chai Society which is our caffeine free spicy fragrant blend. I love it because the spices sit in a base of Rooibos which is such a great black tea alternative, and has the added flavours of bay leaf, fennel and carob along with the usual chai spices.  This chai is invigorating and warming and depending on what type of milk I have in the fridge it works equally well in cows or goats milk (which I like to drink mostly) and is also delicious when made into a chai latte with almond milk.

White Petal loose leaf

White Petal

White Petal  is my favourite tea to serve guests, it is such an elegant and simple tea all at the same time.  With organic white peony tea as it’s base and then sprinkled through with pink rose petals it has a refinement and fragrance that is first class.  White tea is from the same plant as green and black tea but is the young green tips that are picked in the first flush of spring growth, giving white tea it’s gentle flavour and high antioxidant value.  I liked to serve this tea to my honoured guests with my special occasion tea ware, tea always tastes better in a proper cup!

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