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About the origins of The Tea Cake Company, I wrote this piece for a local magazine in the Grampians region of Victoria. Take a look at the story of why I bake and a nice coincidence about where Tea Cake Co. first took roots.

The sweet aroma of a cake baking in the oven the delicious buttery scent of cookies cooling on the kitchen counter, these are the wholesome perfumes of a home cook’s kitchen.
I, like many of you have warm childhood memories of baking with my grandmother, waiting as an impatient child for those sweet goodies to come out of the oven.  It was these nourishing childhood memories that inspired me to start my business in the lovely town of Rupanyup, producing teas, handmade biscuits and cake mixes.

When my family and I moved to Rupanyup in 2011, we moved into a house hand-built by it’s original owner. We thought we were buying a house but we quickly discovered that we had also inherited a home and it’s history.

Friendly locals and neighbours needed no prompting before they happily shared their stories of the most recent owner, a well loved and respected elderly gentleman, octogenarian, by the name of Joff.  A clear picture emerged of an active man who loved time in his kitchen, and really enjoyed baking. The kitchen has been completely renovated, and though old Joff may not recognise my new kitchen, I’m sure he’d appreciate the upgrade.  The same space, re-designed but what remains is that same passion for home cooking. Slow cooked, homely good prepared with love.

I recently heard that Joff self-published a collection of his favourite recipes, compiled into a cookbook to give to his friends and family. Just like Joff and his cookbook, I also have a desire to share my culinary heritage.

I have been inspired by my grandmothers delicious olive oil cakes which are a regional specialty in her home town of Pollutri, an ancient and beautiful town in Italy perched on a hilltop with views of the Adriatic Sea.

Back in my own kitchen I have packaged some of that inspiration in a range of olive oil cake mixes, using the best local produce to be found.  From my own experience I know that home cooks can sometimes find themselves short of time to do everything from scratch, especially these days.

So without compromising on that freshly home-made taste, anyone with the help of an olive oil cake mix packet and a few pantry ingredients,  can share home baked goodness with their friends and family in just a few quick steps.

Happy Baking!

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